Guidance and Support

From advice around what to pack in your Haru Bags and Boxes to what items are selling best, the below guidance will help you get the most out of Haru.

This page is continually updated with new guidance.


Overview of what we accept

Unfortunately we can't take every type of item, we focus on what we can sell well online. The below gives you general guidance what we accept and what we don't accept.

Guidance and tutorials



Why should we use Haru?

We recognise the need for not just a technology solution when it comes to helping charities and sustainable brands sell online, that is why we offer a full service from product pick up right through to customer delivery. Haru only works if the charities and brands we partner with get real value. That is why we focus all our energy on selling your products for the right price, using best practice.

We aim to build long term partnerships; so while we handle all the process and logistics of successfully building an online store, our approach also ensures it is tailored to your specific needs.

What makes you different to other software providers?

There are great tools out there to help charities and sustainable retailers; Haru is not just a software solution, we are an end-to-end service, handling everything from product pick up, right through to customer delivery. This means your team choose the items to sell online and we handle the rest. We also help you at every stage, providing insight into what is selling well, offering tips to increase customer engagement and sending through sales data and reports.

What does the Haru app do?

The Haru app helps your team price items and decide whether they are worth selling online. All you have to do is scan the book ISBN code or type in the brand of clothing. New features will be added throughout the coming months that will help you track your online products and help you make the most of your stock.

We have our own online shop, why would we use Haru?

We understand many charities and sustainable brands have their own online marketplaces and we want to see those succeed. Haru is designed to compliment your own online stores. We recognise that selling online is difficult because not only do you have to build an effective, efficient marketplace, you also have to manage and store the stock, process it, handle the marketing, customer engagement, deliveries and returns. We offer all of this and in addition we list products across a range of marketplaces to ensure you get the best price for your items. Get in touch and we can talk you through how Haru can work alongside your own online stores.

Does this not compete with charity shops?

We want to see charity shops thrive, we believe they are a big part of communities and keep charity causes front of mind (our team also love shopping in them). We see our work as a partnership, enabling charities to effectively sell online and ensuring they get a fair price for many of the items they receive. Online selling isn’t instead of charity shops, it is alongside it.

How does Haru compliment charity shops?

We fully recognise charity shops know their customers and the industry better than anyone. The fact is some items sell for more online than they will in a shop; the market is bigger and the customer mindset is different. Haru helps you tap into this growing online market while also concentrating on your retail shops. We will work with you to understand what items will sell best online.

We are a charity without a retail arm, can we use Haru?

Yes, our service is tailored for charities with and without retail. We have a number of different options. Get in touch and we chat about how Haru can work for your organisation.

We are a sustainable brand, can we partner with Haru?

Yes, we are open to working with any sustainable brands or charitable organisations. Simply get in touch and we can work out what solution might be best for your organisation.

What items do you accept?

Our focus is on clothing and books. The Haru app and your welcome pack will help you work out which books and pieces of clothing are best to send us each month. Please find a more detailed guide about what we accept and what we don't accept.


Can you give an overview of the Haru process?

When you sign up with Haru we provide eco-friendly bags and boxes to fill with the items you want to sell online. We will pick these up each month, process, list and safely store them until they sell. We handle all the customer engagement and send you sales reports so you can keep track of what is selling. At every stage we support you with guidance, insight and updates.

How much stock do we need to give you?

This is completely up to you. We usually agree a minimum monthly quantity with a charity and go from there. We are confident our service will add value to your organisation.

What platforms will you sell our items through?

We sell through all the top marketplaces including Amazon, Depop, eBay and our own Haru Marketplace. Our focus is on selling your items for the best price possible, using best practice.

Do we have to provide product photography?

We handle all the product photography, ensuring it is tailored for e-commerce and social media.

Do we have to manage the customer GDPR?

Another benefit of using Haru is that your online customers GDPR is protected and as you are not handling their information in any way you do not have to worry about the customers purchasing through Haru. This will save your team some valuable time.

Will the customers know the products come from our charity / organisation?

We will work with you to ensure your branding or any collateral is included in the delivery of products if that is what you want.

When will my Haru Bags and Boxes be collected?

Your bags and boxes will be collected monthly and you will receive collection reminders in advance of the date. Our courier partners are DHL.

How do we prep the Haru Bags and Boxes for collection?

All you have to do is make sure the bags and boxes are filled and sealed well. DHL will label them when upon collection and they are tracked.

Pricing & Payments

Do you keep the profits from the items?

Our pricing model is simple - you pay a small monthly fee and 30% commission on every sale. What you get for that is a complete online selling service, including - product pick up, storage, pricing, photography, marketing, packaging, platform fees and delivery.

Does the money come to our specific store?

If that is what you want then yes, our system is set up to tag the items you provide to your organisation as a whole and your individual shop.