What to send us

Our focus right now is on clothing and books.


When choosing what clothing to pack in your Haru Bags and Boxes there are a few things to consider:

Online Selling

Given that the items are selling online they need to be right for these platforms, when we suggest brands or styles to send us it isn't necessarily a reflection of clothing quality it is more a reflection of what sells well online.

Quality and Condition

We only accept clothing that is in good condition, if you run a charity shop it's the same condition you look out for - clean, limited damage and staining, if any. New items or like-new items are always going to sell better.


There are particular styles that sell really well online, if you think you have items that can be considered Vintage, Denim, Y2K, Streetwear, Outdoor wear etc then be sure to include them in your Haru pick up.

Denim Wear includes shirts, jackets, jeans. Brands that sell really well include Levi, Diesel, Miss Sixty, Wrangler, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger

Y2K are items that were popular in the late 90s and 2000s. Think double denim, puffer coats, bucket hats, flare jeans, chunky sweaters, pleated skirts.

Vintage simply refers to clothing from a different time or era, usually at least 20 years old e.g. old Nike sweaters, Jackets, flared jeans, dresses.

Streetwear can be many things but look out for quality hoodies, long sleeved tees, puffer jackets etc

Outdoor wear that sells really well are brands like The North Face, Patagonia, Berghaus, Helly Hansen.


As mentioned, some brands sell better than others second-hand online, the below outline provides rough guidance around the brands we want you to send. However, this is by far not an exhausted list. There are also exceptions, some brands we list as "Everyday" can be brilliant pieces still with tags on, if that's the case feel free to include them.

Be sure to look out for designer and luxury brands which Gucci, Channel, Chloé, Burberry etc. These can sell for much more online.

Haru App

If you are unsure about a brand be sure to use our Haru App.


Valuable Items

Fill your box with valuable items to ensure you get the best return. Use the HaruApp and guidance we provide to help you find the right items.

Scan Books

Most new books will have an ISBN or barcode which you can input or scan in the HaruApp. If the book is worth over £10 second-hand online consider putting it in your HaruBox.

Research Books

Research books without an ISBN to assess their value. Search book title, author and publishing year on ebay or abebooks to gauge online value.

Box Sets

Look out for box sets of books, sets of kids books are more common. These sell well online but check they are in good condition and none are missing.


Assessing condition is important. ‘Like new’ books sell best. For vintage books the condition is extremely important, be sure there is no writing over text, pages missing or mould.

Edition & Signatures

Check if your book is a first edition or signed by the author or illustrator. If so, this could significantly increase the value.