Items we accept

We are mainly focused on quality fashion and books, however there are small selection of other item types you can send to us.

The below gives some guidance around what clothing we accept, however it is not an exhausted list and there will always be exceptions. If you aren't sure please use our Haru app or get in touch at


We accept a wide range of quality clothing. Our focus is on styles and brands that sell well second-hand online. The below brand guidance will help to identify the types of brands we are looking for, however this is not an exhausted list and there are exceptions.


We will accept belts, bags, hats, scarves and sunglasses which are in good condition and of a quality that will sell well online.


We love quality, branded shoes. From Dr. Martens to Nike, Jimmy Choo to New Balance.


We accept books that are likely to get more online than they would in the shop. You can use our Haru app for price guidance or simply search the title online.

Film Cameras

Film cameras are hugely popular online, look out for working Canon, Nikon, Mamiya, Leica, Brownie, Polaroid, Rolleiflex, Ricoh, Contax.

Watches and Jewellery

We accept branded watches and jewellery that are identified as high value. We can't accept costume jewellery or non-branded watches.

If you have item(s) that are not covered by the above however you feel they are high value or could sell well online please get in touch with our team at You can view the items we do not accept here.

Clothing Styles

The below provides some styles of clothing that sell really well online. This isn't an exhausted list however it can help guide you.

Denim Wear

includes shirts, jackets, jeans. Brands that sell really well include Levi, Diesel, Miss Sixty, Wrangler, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger


Items that were popular in the late 90s and 2000s. Think double denim, puffer coats, bucket hats, flare jeans, chunky sweaters, pleated skirts.


Vintage simply refers to clothing from a different time or era, usually at least 20 years old e.g. old Nike sweaters, Jackets, flared jeans, dresses.


Streetwear can be many things but look out for quality hoodies, long sleeved tees, puffer jackets etc

Outdoor Wear

Outdoor wear that sells really well are brands like The North Face, Patagonia, Berghaus, Helly Hansen.


Office and formal wear, this includes tailoring, dresses, skirts, smart shoes.


Retro is clothing that can be made to look from a different period. It is often, colourful and playful.


Quality jackets, jumpers, t-shirts, jumpers and more. Ideal to pair with jeans or chinos.


This will include classic brands like Barbour. Items like wax or quilted jackets and boots are great.

Clothing Brands

The below outline provides rough guidance around the brands we want you to send. However, this is not an exhausted list and there are exceptions.

Lots of the "Everyday" brands listed below are brilliant but generally we don’t accept them as they have a lower second-hand value. However, if you have quality pieces from this section with tags still on, or like-new e.g a quality Zara coat, then please send it to us.


Second-hand accessories can be hard to sell online, however quality, branded bags, sunglasses and belts we can accept.


We can accept quality handbags, satchels and bum bags.


If you have branded sunglasses that are good quality we can accept them. Unfortunately we can't accept unbranded sunglasses.


If you have quality belts we can accept them.


Bucket, cowboy, caps, berets, fedoras, we accept them all, as long as they are in good condition and branded.


You can send us a selection of gloves once again if they are in good condition and branded.

Watches & Jewellery

We will accept branded watches and jewellery. We can't accept costume jewellery or non-branded watches.


Most new books will have an ISBN or barcode which you can input or scan in the HaruApp. If the book is worth over £10 second-hand online consider putting it in your HaruBox.

Book Sets

Look out for box sets of books, sets of kids books are more common. These sell well online but check they are in good condition and none are missing.


Check if your book is a first edition or signed by the author or illustrator. If so, this could significantly increase the value.

Good Condition

Assessing condition is important. ‘Like new’ books sell best. For vintage books the condition is extremely important, be sure there is no writing over text, pages missing or mould.

Film Cameras

Good quality film cameras are hugely popular online. We can accept